Our yoga teacher training course teachers

IYT Yoga Teacher Training Course Teachers

All our yoga teacher training course teachers have a minimum of seven years teaching experience and have completed our advanced teacher training apprenticeship programme.

Jenny BeekenCourse Tutor Jenny Beeken is one of the founders of the Inner Yoga Trust. She has studied extensively since her original training with BKS Iyengar in the early 1970’s. Her inspiration comes from her own intensive practice and work with Diane Long and Sophy Hoare and is the author of more than six yoga books including Ancient Wisdom, Don’t Hold your Breath, and Your Yoga Birth Guide.


Pauline Sawyer IYT Course TutorCourse Tutor Pauline Sawyer is one of the founders of the Inner Yoga Trust. She has practiced and taught yoga on an inner level since 1979 and took her Iyengar Elementary Certificate in May 1987. Her deep insight and understanding of the body and its link to the mind and spirit comes through her personal practice and extensive study of other disciplines. Pauline obtained a teaching certificate in May 1983 in Applied Kinesiology, and has attended mindfulness courses.
Pauline’s teaching is informed by her work with (and study of) Kofi Busia, Jenny Beeken, Victor Van-Kooten and Angela Farmer, BKS Iyengar, Diane Long (who is her current teacher) and Sophie Hoare. Her teaching demonstrates a deep understanding of the inner body, inner awareness and movement. Pauline brings her insight and intuitive awareness into her teaching, emphasizing the balance of the inner energies and healing oneself and others through yoga.

Sue_PeggsCourse Tutor Sue Peggs lives, works and teaches yoga in Bristol. She completed the Inner Yoga Trust teachers awareness programme with Jenny Beeken and subsequently completed a full apprenticeship with Jenny, Pauline and Sarah in order to teach other teachers. Also inspired by the teaching of Sophy Hoare, in her own teaching she encourages students to explore and experience the effects of yoga for themselves. More about Sue

Bridget WhiteheadCourse Tutor Bridget Whitehead has completed both the BWY diploma and the Inner Yoga Trust teachers awareness programme with Jenny Beeken, and subsequently trained with Jenny and Pauline in order to teach other teachers. She is interested in the healing effects of yoga and its ability to transform and change people’s lives. More about Bridget

Lesley Charters IYT Course TutorCourse Tutor Lesley Charters has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2007, when she completed the teachers awareness programme with the Inner Yoga Trust. She is interested in the transformative effect that a regular yoga practice has on the mind, body and emotions. She is passionate about teaching, yoga and the mountains. More about Lesley

Sarah Waterfield

Mentor and Specialist Tutor Sarah Waterfield has taught the IYT Foundation Course since 2005 and the Teachers Awareness Programme since 2008.  She is not currently teaching the courses but is still involved in the IYT as a mentor and specialist tutor teaching Sanskrit and Vedic Chanting.  More about Sarah

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