Britta Stahlmann 2009 Scotland Programme

Back Britta Stahlmann 2009 Scotland Programme Well, last weekend we completed our teacher training with the Inner Yoga Trust and I still cannot quite believe how quickly the time has gone by. I still remember clearly how I felt 2 years ago when the course started: I was very excited but also nervous for I did not know the majority of the people there. When we discussed the course syllabus and what was expected of … Continue reading

Yoga and Chanting days, Scotland

24/05/2014 – 25/05/2014 Map and Directions | Register Description: ‘Sound Matters’ – Investigating the use of sound in our yoga practice We will learn some mantra, the rules of Vedic chanting, how to use sound in meditative practices as well as beginning to learn the Sanskrit alphabet and sounds. There will also be some movement to facilitate the breath and the body’s ability to produce sound. 2 separate but linked days taught by Karen Adamson … Continue reading

Diane Long at Milland VH, 27/28th July 2013

By Nancy Brinton   I am grateful that in the course of my yoga journey I have worked with a number of teachers who themselves worked directly with Vanda Scaravelli, each for different lengths of time. Even though ‘the core’ has always been very similar, each of them has given me something different to think about. My most recent guide and teacher was Diane Long who studied with Scaravelli for 23 years. Almost her first … Continue reading

Yoga, One Person’s Story

I feel as if I am no longer ageing – Cryn Horn, London, England What a fabulous thing to be able to say when you are over 60 years old. If this is what the practice of yoga can do for you, why would anyone not want to go to a yoga class? Study after study has linked yoga with helping to regulate blood pressure, stabilise diabetes, balance hormones, reduce stress, strengthen weak muscles, align … Continue reading

Yoga Session in Aid of Tsunami Relief in Japan

Angela Baverstock Two weeks ago, I had an e-mail from a local yoga teacher who was doing a yoga class in Aid of Tsunami Relief in Japan. She had found a school willing to donate the use of their premises and was asking people for a minimum donation of £15 for a 1.5 hours class followed by light refreshments. I thought this was an awesome idea, but couldn’t attend her class, so I decided to … Continue reading

The Cycles of Nature and the Five Elements

Seamus Lynch We are all used to behaving in a certain way, often based on our family background and relationships. Most of us have a comfort zone in which we tend to be drawn to certain kinds of people whom we enjoy and feel at home with. Then there are others who may be a challenge for us or seem beyond our range experientially – I really like this person, I’m not so sure about … Continue reading

Your Yoga Birth Guide – How it Came into Being

Jenny Beeken Buy the book, by Jenny Beeken and Sally Townsend, from the Inner Yoga Trust Sally was my independent midwife in 1989, which meant that she cared for me throughout my pregnancy, labour and birth and then postnatally for my daughter and myself. Sally had a girl 2 months after me, then a boy just over a year later. She then started coming to an ante and post natal yoga class that I ran … Continue reading

Christmas Time and Advent Snow

Jenny Beeken – Principle of the Inner Yoga Trust Advent Snow has brought many of us to a sudden slow down. This time, from the 31st October-Samhain or Halloween (hallowed eve) – the ancient Celtic new year, until the 21st December, the winter solstice, when the sun is at its lowest point and the nights are at their longest, is a time when the earth is in its quiet phase, resting ready for a new … Continue reading

The Benefits of Yoga

Jenny Beeken – Director and Principal Inner Yoga Trust In the west it is often forgotten that Yoga has what are known as ‘eight limbs’ which as well as the postures taught in most classes also include the ethical disciplines for living, breathing, meditation and containment of the senses. If practiced as a path for life at all levels of the 8 limbs, Yoga will have very deep, gentle and gradual effect on the body, … Continue reading

Transformation and Healing Effects of Yoga

Pauline Sawyer – Core Tutor and Assistant Director Inner Yoga Trust Since Jenny Beeken and I founded the Inner Yoga School we are often asked to teach students how to apply the transformational and healing effects of yoga. In recent years the question is ever more common. Perhaps this corresponds to the growing number of yoga teachers advertising themselves as ‘yoga therapists’, offering yoga as a form of therapy to address various emotional and physical … Continue reading