• 28/10/2016 - 01/09/2017
    10:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Path of Yoga: IYT500 Teacher Training Diploma Course

Led by Jenny Beeken

Starting 28 October 2016          Cost £1,790

Location: Hampshire TBC

The IYT RYS500 hour diploma is structured in three separate modules, allowing you to complete the course over a suitable period of time for your practice. In years two and three all of the teaching is residential, providing the right environment for your journey of self-transformation to unfold, through the practice of yoga. The Path of Yoga module is the second year of the diploma course and is open to students who completed a Foundation Course (or with equivalent level of experience).

Throughout the course you will be supported by both the course teachers and your student group. The teaching asks you to be open, to experiment, to practice and to take yoga into your life. Along with studying and exploring the physical Asana movement, with its emphasis on anatomy and physiology, the authentic texts of yoga are woven into the teaching. The philosophy of yoga and its spiritual aspects are taught in a way that can transform the body, mind and emotions, touching the heart of our being.

About the Teachers

Jenny Beeken (Course Principal and co-founder of the Inner Yoga Trust) studied with BKS Iyengar whose teaching is still a great source of inspiration, knowledge and understanding. Subsequent study with Victor Van Kooten and Angela Farmer has given her a deep understanding of the inner body, inner awareness and movement. More recently she has worked with Sophy Hoare and Diane Long to access the teaching of Vanda Scaravelli. This has further developed her understanding of the importance of waking the spine in yoga postures and in life. The emphasis in her teaching is on balance of the inner energies and healing oneself and others through yoga. Jenny is also the author of several books which set out the ideas and principles behind the teaching of the Inner Yoga Trust.

Please contact Claire Conner on g.c.connor@ntlworld.com if you are interested in registering for the course or for more information about the teaching.

Course Outline: Practice of asana, pranayama and meditation; yoga philosophy – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, The Bhagavad Gita and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika; Kriyas, Mudras, Bandhas; anatomy and physiology; personal practice; Sanskrit; chanting

Structure: 5 residential weekends plus a 7 day retreat week Why Residential?

Personal practice and study: 1-2 hours per day including practice of asana, pranayama and meditation; journal writing; assignment writing

Method of assessment*: Tutor observation of student. Written (or other) assignments. Anatomy and Physiology paper. Meetings between tutors and student. 1:1 interview at end of course.

*for those intending to continue on to the 3rd year of the diploma course, ‘Passing the Teaching On’, this is compulsory; for those doing this course for their own personal development, as a continuation from the 1st year (Foundation Course), or another yoga training course, or IYT CPD, this is optional.

Prior experience: a minimum of 3 years yoga practice, including own personal practice of asana, pranayama and meditation. Completion of Year 1 of the IYT Diploma course (foundation course) or similar course.

What next: completion of this course, including full attendance at residential week/weekends and satisfactory completion of assessment criteria, allows progression on to Year 3 of the IYT diploma course, ‘Passing the Teaching On’.


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