• 23/04/2016
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm

23 April 2016 – 10.00 to 4.00pm

(5 CPD)

Our Taster Days offer you the chance to experience the Year 1 The Structure and Practice of Yoga Course.

Sarah TeachingThe IYT Year 1 Structure and Practice of Yoga Foundation Course in Manchester is delivered over five non-residential weekends (minimum of 60 contact hours). There is a focus on the different parts of the body, learning about anatomy as it applies to asanas (postures), whilst simultaneously working with whole body connections, combining a mix of asana practice with the theoretical teaching of anatomy. Throughout the year, the course introduces students to the philosophy of yoga, pranayama (breathing practices), meditation, the bandhas, mudras, chakras and the body-mind, Sanskrit, chanting and the history of yoga.

The course aims to develop and deepen each student’s personal yoga practice and to support them in determining whether to continue on to the subsequent two years and the full diploma. It is suitable for students who have practised yoga for a minimum of two years – a one year course that is designed to help you explore and deepen your yoga practice.

Led by Pauline Sawyer, co-founder and Course Principal of the IYT, the teaching includes asana, anatomy, meditation and discussion and will look at:

  • structure of the postures together with the structure of the skeleton with a focus on the sacroiliac joint
  • a variety of postures and how they are connected
  • the idea of our original need to move and how we ‘undo’ and open out from the postures
  • the contrast of yoga to other forms of ‘exercise’
  • basic philosophy of yoga, its history and development in this country
  • the 8 limbs of yoga and their purpose

If you are interested in developing your knowledge and practice, are are interesting in our IYT500 teacher training diploma or would like a refresher as part of your ongoing CPD join Pauline Sawyer in Manchester on the 23 April for a lovely day of yoga.

If you would like more information about the Taster Day, or the IYT500 teacher training course and please contact Danielle McCullough on daniellemyoga@yahoo.co.uk.



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