About the Inner Yoga Trust

Founded in 1993 by Jenny Beeken, Pauline Sawyer and Jane Malcomson, the Inner Yoga Trust is a registered UK charity aiming to advance education and relieve disease through the teaching of yoga postures, breathing, relaxation, meditation and to advance the public education and health through the provision of teacher training courses, bursaries and research. The IYT is governed by our Board of Trustees and the teacher training courses are led by our School Board.

The Inner Yoga Trust has followed the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli for the last 15 years with our teachers Diane Long and Sophy Hoare. Vanda Scaravelli was inspired to move and change the Western posture in a way that brought us more into an awareness of the spine and its connection to the limbs.

The term ‘Scaravelli inspired yoga’ was originally suggested by Diane Long, a student of Vanda’s for 25 years, as being a more appropriate way of describing her own teaching. The focus of this way of movement is based on the movement of the spine and the movement of the hips and shoulders. We bring this awareness of movement into our asana teaching.

IYT School Board

The School Board leads the development and delivery of our 500 hour Teacher Training Diploma, including the advanced teacher training programme. They have responsibility for ensuring that the School's CPD programme meets the needs of our teaching members.

A key aspect of the School Board's work is to ensure that the integrity and professionalism of the teaching is maintained across all the courses and manage the external course verification process.

The School Board relies on the support and hard work of many IYT members.

Bridget White IYT Course Tutor

Bridget Whitehead

Lesley Charters IYT Course Tutor

Lesley Charters

Sue Peggs

Sarah Waterfield


About our Members

There are more than 150 active members of the Trust with at least 80 of these being teaching members who are currently offering classes and workshops throughout the UK.

We welcome new members to our vibrant and supportive community of yoga practitioners, teachers and students. If you attend regular classes or workshops, are already a yoga teacher or are studying to teach, membership offers you many benefits, including discounts on many of our yoga events. We hope you'll join us soon!

IYT Board of Trustees

The trustees are extremely proud to be the entrusted custodians of the organisation and work closely with the School Board to ensure that the Inner Yoga Trust’s unique way of teaching benefits as many people as possible and is effectively shared through its like-minded community.

Colum Hayward (Chair)

David Goddard IYT Trustee

David Goddard (Treasurer and Secretary)

Kate Rowland

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