What is the Abundance Club?

It's really simple - join the club by paying a £5 monthly standing order and you are entered into a monthly prize draw for a cash prize. You can choose to keep the prize for yourself or donate it to a charity of your choice. The more people in the club, the higher the prize money.

The Abundance Club raises money for the bursary awards offered by the IYT. These award enable students to train as yoga teachers when their financial circumstances would otherwise prevent them from following this path. What a great way to create Abundance in the world of Yoga! To join, download the Abundance Club Membership Leaflet and send it to the office.

How does the Abundance Club operate?

The Abundance Club operates under a Small Society Lottery License issued by Rochdale Borough Council. The club provides annual returns to EDC about its activities. The club aims to have 200 members and, when it has full membership, will offer prizes of £250, £150 and £100.

Subscription to the AC is by standing order for £5 per month. Each member has an individual prize draw number which remains the same each month. Winnings are paid directly to the winners bank account or a charity of their choice.

  • The scheme is co-ordinated on a voluntary basis by Danielle McCullough, IYT member and Administrator.
  • The scheme has its own rules and Terms of Reference - download IYTAC rules | Terms of reference.
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