• 09/09/2016 - 11/09/2016
    5:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Nourishing the Earth Element with Seamus Lynch and Pauline Sawyer

9 – 11 September 2016 at Over the Rainbow, Ceredigion, Wales

A great opportunity to explore the Seasons, Emotions and their connections with the 5 Elements. Led by Seamus Lynch, who has been a 5 Element practitioner since 1993 and subsequently studied with some of the best internationally renouned 5 elements teachers, most notably Niki Bilton, and Pauline Sawyer, co-founder of the Inner Yoga Trust and Yoga Teacher Trainer for over 20 years.

This weekend, Nourishing the Earth Element, is part of a longer course which will cover knowledge of the 5 elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water as it relates to the cycles of the seasons. This is one of the cornerstones of traditional Chinese medicine, and can clarify for us our emotional agenda, the lens through which we perceive the world and relate to others. It can also give us clues about how to understand and relate to those who we may find challenging or who may seem to be outside our range of experience.

For anyone in a teaching or therapeutic role, this can be an invaluable aid in becoming more objective and compassionate in their perception of themselves and others. The Yoga asana practice will be led by Pauline Sawyer and will specifically reflect the qualities and issues of the Element and how to nourish that Element in ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

seamus lynchSeamus originally trained as an architect. He worked as an actor and director and also studied contemporary dance. In the early ‘90’s he retrained as a 5 Element acupuncturist and zero balancer and completed the Inner Yoga Trust teacher awareness programme in the late ‘90’s. He first created the Seasons and the Emotions workshop in 2003 and taught it with Jenny Beeken and subsequently he has taught similar programmes with Pauline Sawyer in Ireland. He has also taught weekend courses for therapists and others seeking insight about themselves and others through the lens of the 5 Elements. His teaching style is intuitive combined with playful humour.

Pauline Sawyer

Pauline has practised and taught yoga since 1979 taking her Iyengar Elementary Certificate in May 1987. Her deep insight and understanding of the body and its link to the mind and spirit comes through her personal practice and extensive study of other disciplines. Pauline has a teaching certificate in Applied Kinesiology, and has attended mindfulness courses. She co-founded the Inner Yoga Trust and developed the teacher training run by that organisation. Pauline brings her insight and intuitive awareness into her teaching, emphasising the balance of the inner energies and healing oneself and others through yoga.

You can do the whole course or any of the weekends you are interested in. The course is self-reflective and includes explanatory talks together with detailed notes, CD, visualisations/meditations, discussion and sharing. Please download the Five Elements with Seamus Lynch for full details on the course structure and typical weekend schedule.

September 2016

Nourishing the Earth Element,
Creating Stillness/Late Summer
the harvest, support/nourishment, inner security and serenity

January 2017

Re-assuring the Water element, facing our fears/Winter
returning to the seed, ambition/will, facing our fears

June 2017

Embracing the Fire Element,
communication, breaking down the walls/Summer
expansion, maturing, vulnerability/relationships

November 2017

Inspiring the Metal Element,
finding connection/ Autumn
balance, holding on/letting go, inner connection with self and higher self

March 2018

Affirming the Wood Element,
Manifesting our dreams and
new beginnings, vision – the big picture and the fine detail, assertiveness

The aim of each module is:
• To look at the issues, challenges and gifts of each element.
• To learn to recognise the predominant elements/emotions manifesting in oneself and other members of the group.
• To look at how these skills of perception can enhance our lives and role as yoga teacher/therapist.

The costs for this weekend (including all tuition, study materials and certificate of study, accommodation, food and drinks) are:

  • £305 for inclusive residential weekend
  • £280 for camping/own camper van
  • £250 non residential

Please contact Pauline Sawyer for more information or to book.


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