Guidelines for IYT teachers teaching yoga online in this time of the covid-19 crisis


  • The main aim of your class is to provide a space, to get people to connect with themselves and their bodies and feel more grounded and relaxed.
  • Therefore do not try to teach any new postures – teach postures your students already know.
  • Keep the class very simple. Do not teach anything complicated or that requires them to look closely at you or you to look closely at them.
  • We recommend that you only teach people who you already know and have taught before. We recognise that this conflicts with the advice given by Balens but we feel it is best practice.
  • Make sure you have an up to date health information form for all students, teach appropriately and give appropriate modifications/alternatives.
  • In advance of the class, send by email to all your online students health and safety information for online yoga classes that includes the following points. Repeat the health and safety information at the start of each class.


Health and Safety information to give to students for your online Yoga classes

All the safety guidelines that apply to a normal class also apply to an online class. But because the students are at home and their routine is different, there are things the students may not have thought of, or may have forgotten. So remind them to:

  • not eat just before class – allow an hour after a light snack and 3-4 hours after a full meal, before doing the yoga class
  • not do yoga while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • wear suitable clothing

Unlike a normal class, the teacher has no influence or control over the environment in which the student is doing yoga. So remind the student to

  • be in a place where they will not be disturbed
  • make sure there are no obstructions around their mat

Also unlike a normal class, the teacher has limited or no visual contact with the student so is not able to see if a student is doing something potentially unsafe. And of course the teacher is not there to give the student any physical help. Therefore remind the students to be extra mindful of how their body feels in the postures, to never strain, to stop at once if they feel any pain, and to really take responsibility for their body and how it feels at all times.

Written by Sarah Waterfield on behalf of IYT School Board 23.3.2020

Balens Insurance have also issued information regarding their policies. For more information, please follow this link  Balens Insurance РFAQs

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