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Two weeks ago, I had an e-mail from a local yoga teacher who was doing a yoga class in Aid of Tsunami Relief in Japan. She had found a school willing to donate the use of their premises and was asking people for a minimum donation of £15 for a 1.5 hours class followed by light refreshments.

I thought this was an awesome idea, but couldn’t attend her class, so I decided to do one myself.

The local primary school, who hire me their premises for my regular classes, agreed to donate the use of the hall, and I advertised the class for Saturday morning for 1.5 hours for £10 minimum donation (I didn’t want to ask for £15, being newly qualified, and I didn’t want to get in to a ‘refreshments’ palaver – so I thought this was a fair amount).

I found it quite daunting to do this. I thought I’d be completely embarrassed and that no-one would come or, worse, two people would come and then they’d know that no-one else came. Ridiculous old stories (samskaras?) from the past.

As it turned out, eight people came. Some donated more than £10. More people that couldn’t come also donated. So far I have raised £145 and may have one or two more cheques to come.

The class was very special. I didn’t mention the disaster in Japan – I didn’t feel it was necessary. I did thank everyone for coming and supporting the special class at the start. We worked together in an atmosphere of friendly co-operation. I ended the class with Savasana followed by a 5 minute sitting meditation. We all sat in silence with our thoughts and prayers. It was deeply moving.

I ended by thanking everyone again and with a Namaste.

I’ve had a thought. The effect of the local yoga teacher running her class, caused me to run mine (and who knows how many others did the same). My class has had rippling out effects to those who couldn’t make it but still wanted to contribute. So, just in case anyone else out there wants to pick up the ripple – and because Rose told me to – I’m sharing. Rippling out and affecting more people. A bit like an earthquake?


Cheques should be made payable to “British Red Cross” on the back write “Japan Tsunami Appeal ON 2011” and send to:
Japan Tsunami Appeal
British Red Cross
44 Moorfields

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