IYT Yoga Teacher Training CPD Programme

IYT teachers are encouraged to continue their study, learning and practice with us and other teachers through our yoga teacher training CPD programme. The Inner Yoga teachings are continuously evolving and changing, and CPD is an important way in which our teachers can stay in touch with this. In fact, it is through your participation in ongoing training that the teachings also develop, and which we gratefully acknowledge.

Attending CPD is also a good way of staying connected with each other and so to draw on the strength and  growing  support of the Inner Yoga community.


IYT CPD Requirements

  • 12 hours per year or 1 week every other year through attending a workshop, weekend, retreat or holiday.
  • 6 of these CPD hours must be taught by an IYT course teacher: this is important for your on-going learning in this unique way of teaching. IYT course teachers are those teaching on, or who have taught on, the teacher training programme (Jenny, Pauline, Sue, Sarah, Bridget and Lesley) or Sophy Hoare, Diane Long, or a regular student of theirs.
  • All CPD Events will be registered in advance with the SB and the majority of them listed on the website Event Listing. Each event will include a supporting handout for students.

Members can use the online Record CPD system to keep track of their CPD and should logon to the Members section of the website for more details.

‘Do your duty; learn and teach. Speak truth; learn and teach. Meditate; learn and teach. Control sense; learn and teach. Control mind; learn and teach. Kindle fire; learn and teach. Feed fire; learn and teach. Be hospitable; learn and teach. Be humane; learn and teach. Serve the family; learn and teach. Procreate; learn and teach. Educate your children; learn and teach.’
Taittireeya Upanishad from the translation by Shree Purohit Swami and WB Yeats

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