IYT Student Testimonials

In the 22 years since the Inner Yoga Trust was founded, many people have completed our teacher training diploma and gone on to offer their own teaching, based in this intuitive way of practice. Some have shared their experiences of starting their yoga journey with us:

Britta Stahlmann who completed Year 3 of the IYT Diploma Course in Scotland in 2009:

“For me personally the course, the whole experience, has not only been life enhancing but life changing. On top of the vast amount of knowledge and insight gained that has enabled me to actually go out and teach yoga as well as the friendships that I have made, I feel that I have been given another precious gift – a deep spiritual connection. I have come to love the ancient texts, Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads, so wonderfully brought to life by people’s presentations during the summer weeks, and I find them a continuous source of inspiration that is affecting me deeply.” Read more…

Advanced Teacher Training Retreat Week ‘Our Teacher Training is only the Beginning’ led by Pauline Sawyer, Ireland, 2015

After a cold and wet week in Ireland, Easter Monday dawned warm and bright and we arrived in the beautiful surroundings of An Tobar, near Navan in Co. Meath, in good spirits, delighted to be back together and looking forward to our yoga retreat with Pauline. The arrival of Easter with its promise of hope and new life seemed the perfect time for a retreat – a chance to shake off the Winter, lift the energies and embrace the months ahead.

10 of us from the Irish teacher training course and a very welcome newcomer would be spending the next 5 days together. It had been 2012 since Pauline has last been with our group in Ireland so we were thrilled to have her back amongst us, where she fits so comfortably. As expected, it felt like she had never been away!

Yoga teacher training only the beginning
Yoga teacher training only the beginning

Despite the beautiful weather, there was still a chill in the air in the mornings and there were some very reluctant and cautious feet trying to peek out and feel the earth again. Our mid morning sessions were held in doors and our afternoon sessions outside. I think we all found it hard to believe that after a week that had felt so cold, here we were doing yoga with Pauline with the sun on our skin, a perfect blue sky, freshly cut grass and a view of the lake. It was heavenly to feel the sun on our face during Savasana with the smells of Spring and the birds singing all around us. Of course we were all still holding tightly to our blankets! We Irish don’t like to stray too far from our blankets and socks and like to get wrapped up and cosy at any opportunity!

Pauline’s teaching was amazing and the yoga was light and playful but strong and empowering. As always we were in awe of her awareness and understanding of the body and how under her instruction and help we could, little by little, arrive in postures we never thought ourselves capable off. With the teacher training course behind us, it was great to be able to just relax, enjoy and absorb the teaching.

We were led in chanting by one of our group members, Mary McDermott, who is a scholar of Sanskrit and very generously shared her knowledge with us alongside Pauline during the week. Doreen Palmer, who has been the cook on a number of our retreats, was with us again for the week, serving up wonderful food every day with her ever graceful presence.   On our last night two of our group, Marie Moran and Maura O’Keeffe treated us to a brilliantly funny acting out of ‘Installing Love.’ Their presentation left us with sore sides and made the beautiful message behind the story all the more memorable.

The retreat passed so quickly. It was a really lovely week, with some very special moments and lots of laughs. There were a few cold showers and lumpy beds but sure isn’t that part of every yoga retreat!!

When we finished our teacher training I remember Pauline saying ‘It was only the beginning’ and how true we are realising that is.  We are always only beginning, always learning and the strength of our special group continues to grow. It was so good to have Pauline back with us in top teaching form. We look forward to continuing our yoga journey with Pauline and hope to have her back in Ireland again in the near future.

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